Sistem de calcul a starii fatului si riscului de aneuploidii

Rules according to the Confidetial enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in infancy (UK) Programme written by DJR Hutchon copyright. Translation by Razvan Socolov MD PhD Iasi- Romania. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or above (or eqivalent) for calculator to work. Year 2000 compliant. If Serum screen or nuchal thickness not available, (or less than 1 mm) leave blank. Only valid for calculating Down risk for CRL 38 - 84mm These calculations assume that the NT measurements are made using the same protocol as the Fetal Medicine Foundation. Instructions for using OFFLINE

CRL dupa formula Smith et al REFERENCES  data in forma date/month/year (4 digits for year)
  ie month/date/year (4 digits for year)
Nume pacienta Data nasterii Printer friendly version
Data UM Sigur (Y/N)? Yes - - - ciclul normal Implicit 31 zile (see ref Bergsjol et al)
Data ecografie Pliu nucal mm. MoM= Risc Down -screening seric 1/
CRL în mm mm sau BPD mm mm (INTRODU UNA SINGURA) corespunde la sapt + zile
Frecventa cardiaca fetala in momentul ecografiei a fost /min
Ref Riscul legat de varsta de sindrom Down (DS) la nastere 1/ Riscul integrat de DS la nastere 1/
RefRiscul legat de vârsta pentru DS la momentul ecografiei 1/ Riscul integrat - momentul ecogf 1/ (include FCard daca e introdusa)
DPN dup? UM dupa ecogf 42 sapt la
DPN cel mai corect este
Declansarea nasterii nu se rcomanda inainte de 14% risk of labour before this date.
Trisomie 18 risc la 9-14 sapt= 1 in la 15-20 sapt= 1 in in la nastere= 1 in
Trisomie 13 risc la 9-14 sapt= 1 in la 15-20 sapt= 1 in in la nastere= 1 in
Gestation by scan on date is wks +days.

Evaluarea starii fatului - sistem expert

Introdu data ecografiei, masuratori, IAmn si IR ombilical daca sunt disponibile

Prima || A doua || A treia Normal
ecografiei Z || ecografiei Z || ecografiei Z +1.645 to
Data scor || Data scor || Data scor -1.645
HC || HC || HC
AC || AC || AC
FL || FL || FL
Sarcina sapt || sapt || sapt
G fetala estim Kg || Kg || Kg
IR Ombil
I Amn

Zona normala a scorului Z e -1.645 la +1.645. Daca exista doar doua masuratori, introdu amanuntele în a doua si a treia coloana. Normal range for Z score is -1.645 to +1.645. This calculator is for educational use. It is believed accurate but no responsibility for accuracy of the results is accepted by the author. David J R Hutchon BSc, MB, ChB, FRCOG Consultant Obstetrician, Memorial Hospital, Darlington, England. Hot FindReturn to calculator 
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BMJ article on publishing raw data and real time statistical analysis on e-journals

Demonstation of raw data and real time statistical analysis

Northern Region Fetal/Maternal Medicne Special Interest Group Guidelines
Fetal medicine Unit, St Georges, London        Joseph Woo's Ultrasound       The
Correct application of Bayes theorem in estimating sequnetial conditional risk

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I am grateful to Professor Howard Cuckle for information on the Gaussian LR equation for a single variable.
This risk assumes no previous affected pregnancy. A previous affected pregnancy increases the risk further, to about 1 in 200 at age 30 and 1 in 25 at age 45.
The maternal age specific incidence of trisomy 21 at birth is 54% lower than at 9-14 weeks of gestation.


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