How to use these calculators off-line

IE 4.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.5

Using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above
To make this page available offline, connect to the Internet, click the Favorites menu, click Add to Favorites, and then select the Make available offline check box. On the Tools menu, click Synchronize. When you work offline, select the page from your Favorites list.
To use any of the web page calculators off-line, go to my web pages and ensure that they are fully loaded, possibly by entering some data. The page (which includes all the calculator facility) can then be "save as" from the file menu ( as a htm file) to a directory on your hard disk. If you wish, you can come out of the Internet and then go back into the browser off-line, and save all the files at your leisure. Go into "history", find the calculator page you are interested in, then file, save, to a directory that you wish as an htm file. The web page with all the calculator facility will be available from this saved file.

Using Netscape Communicator 4.5 or above
Go to the desired web page. The file can be "saved as" to any of the directories on your hard disk. Save as htm or html file.
Please note my disclaimer. The calculators are for educational use and no liability for their use is accepted by the author. Suggestions, critical or otherwise are welcome.