The "Chicken Pox in Pregnancy" - decision support system (RCOG guidelines all grade C)

Decision support when the problem is CONTACT with CHICKENPOX.(Varicella)
Click if INFECTION is the problem.

Date of LMP or scan EDD or Date of actual delivery
Date of contact Mother's past
of Varicella
None Possible Certain

Degree of contact with infected person -(or potential contact) Details of exposure definitions 
Household "face to face" for up to 5 mins Indoor contact for 15 minutes or more 

State of contact's rash at time of contact
Vesicular rashAppeared within 48 hours of contactAll vesicles crusted over 
Check out appearance of vesicular rash or crusted rash 
Antibody test done Date of blood test (Defaults to date of contact)
Check if antibody present - VZ IgG positive  VZ IgM positive 

This calculator is for educational use. The decision support is incomplete. However what is presented is believed accurate. No responsibility for accuracy of the results is accepted by the author. Anyone with a little programming knowledge could complete all the possible options. David J R Hutchon BSc, MB, ChB, FRCOG Consultant Obstetrician, Memorial Hospital, Darlington, England.
Comments and suggestions are welcome and will be included in the comments section.


On occassion a sibling has Varicella around the time mother and newborn baby are due for discharge from hospital. If the mother is immune to Varicella the risk to the newborn is minimal. However, if she is not immune the newborn and the mother should be given VZ IgG.

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Details of EXPOSURE - A brief normal household contact of up to five minutes is not considered significant. Any thing more than this carries an increasing risk of contamination by the virus. Return to calculator
RCOG Greentop Guidelines on chickenpox in pregnancy