Northern Fetal and Maternal Medicine Group

The aim of the Northern Fetal andMaternal Medicine Group is to "raise standards in obstetrics by means of informal discussion on a wide range of issues bewtween interested consultants." The group will not normally generate fresh guidelines (as this role has been taken over by RCOG, NICE, etc, but it may be that in the future regional guidelines on certain selected topics would be appropriate. It has been agreed that guidelines and suggestions on process (e.g. in-utero transfer) should be on the website. It is appropraite for the group to discuss a wider variety of issues including research, training, CNST, experience, manpwer, and working time directive. Guidelines can occasionally be discussed and it might also be useful to review local implementation of RCOG and NICE guidelines. The group should take a role in planning training in the specialty and discussing regional research projects. there is a place for debate on clinical situations but less focued on drawing up guidelines, more focused on sharing discussion about the approach to a clinical problem.

Developed and agreed Guidelines

1. Antenatal diagnosis of cleft lip and palate
2. Management of epilepsy
3. Antenatal diagnosis of fetal renal pelvic dilatation
4. Vaginal delivery after Caesarean section
5. Management of severe pre-eclampsia
6. Management of twin pregnancy
7. Timing of cord clamping at delivery
8. Trans-abdominal cervical cerclage
9. In-utero transfers

Guidelines under development


NICE pregnancy guidelines
RCOG greentop guidelines
Joseph Woos Ultrasound
Decision support and statistical calculators
National evidence based guidelines
Non-RCOG guidelines
British Maternal fetalo Medicine Society
Perinatal Institute

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