Cutting the Cord: An International Conference

19 April 2013

"Sixty delegates from the USA, Australia, Sweden, France, Ireland and the UK gathered at the University of Birmingham on 19 April 2013 to attend the first conference to address the topic of transitional care at birth, organised by Dr David Hutchon. The conference explored in detail our current understanding of physiological transition at birth."

Posters published at the Conference

Papers published before and since the conference

The Broader Implications of Early Cord Clamping at Birth
Strictly Physiological Neonatal Transition at Birth
The Estimated Cost of Early Cord Clamping within Europe
The Normal Range of Heart rate at Birth - A critical Review of the Evidence
Technological Developments in Neonatal Care at Birth
Early versus Delayed Cord Clamping at Birth - In Sickness and in Health

Conference Videos

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