International conference on Tranistional Care at Birth. University of Birmingham 19th April 2013

Chairs Dr Andrew Gallagher, Dr Clare Willocks, Ms Amanda Burleigh, Professor Susan Bewley & Dr David Hutchon

Welcome and Introductions Physiology as taught in medical text books Dr David Hutchon
Effect of cord clamping on cardiac output and the cerebral circulation Dr Tonse Raju
The value of the placental transfusion in preventing circulatory problems during transition at birth. Transition at birth the natural pace Professor Susan Niermeyer
Changes in the umbilical blood gases in the cord vessels during transition Dr Nana Wiberg
Delayed cord clamping in term babies Dr Ola Andersson
Outcomes after delayed cord clamping at birth in very preterm babies Professor Judith Mercer
Analysis of the Dublin records Dr John Monaghan
The pathological approach to diagnosis of perinatal cerebral ischaemia Dr Tom Jacques
Sudden Asystole Hypothesis Professor Judith Mercer
Impact of delayed umbilical cord clamping at the limits of viability. Dr Carl Backes
Assessment of the LifeStart trolley Margaret Peake