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Expressing the magnitude of risk of adverse effects in case-control studies:"the number of patients needed to be treated for one additional patient to be harmed" Reference: Lise M Bjerre, Jacques LeLorier BMJ 2000;320:503-506
Odds ratio = 95%confidence from to ( Use periods not commas for decimal points)
Duration of the follow-up of the case control study =
It is necessary to provide an unexposed event rate for the adverse event from another congruous source, either a randomised controlled trial or from unexposed subjects in cohort studies.
Unexposed event rate: number of adverse events = per subjects or patients
Over time interval =

Approximate 95% confidence interval from to
This CI is narrower than the true CI because it does not take into account the variability surrounding the unexposed event rate.
NNTH=number of patients needed to be treated for one additional patient to be harmed
NNTB=number of patients needed be treated for one patient to be actually protected against the adverse outcome"
(odds of outcome event v odds of no event) in intervention group
(odds of outcome event v odds of no event) in conrol group

UER=unexposed event rate
CI = Confidence interval
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