Calculator for converting risk to odds and vice versa This calculator works off-line. (IE4)

Programme written by DJR Hutchon.
Risk is expressed as a fraction i.e. 2 in 100 = .02
Odds is expressed as the ratio 20:80 = 0.25 while 80:20 = 4.0
Odds = Risk/(1-Risk) Explanation of odds and risk
Risk= Odds/(1+Odds)
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Odds ratio Group1/Group2= Risk ratio Group1/Group2
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Explanation of RISK and ODDS
If stillbirth occurs in 15 pregnancies out of a total of 100 the risk of still birth is 15/100 or 0.15 . The odds of a stillbirth is the ratio of the number of stillbirths to the number of live births, that is 15/85 = 0.177. Thus one can say that the risk of stillbirth is, on average, fifteen out of every hudred pregnanies. For odds, for every 15 stillbirths there will be 85 livebirths.